Challenge: Sumo-Bots!


It’s time for SUMO bots! Two XRP bots battle it out in the ring in a completely autonomous match to push the other robot outside of the ring.

Robots start facing away from each other in the orientation above, and have one minute to knock the other robot outside. They may utilize distance sensors to detect the presence and location of the other robot, and use the reflectance sensors to keep themselves inside the ring.

Hint: A basic SUMO-bots program may consist of a robot continuously point turning until an enemy robot is found with the distance sensor, and then charging at the robot until the black line is detected, so that the robot stays inside the ring. However, worthy extensions include: aligning the robot to be perpendicular from the black line so that the robot is not misaligned, and devising an algorithm to attack the opponent robot from the side to avoid a head-on collision and gain more leverage.