Welcome to Introduction to Robotics

Welcome to the WPI Global STEM Education Initiative Introduction to Robotics class using the new XRP Robots. This class is intended to be used by instructors to learn about the basics of robotics and programming using either Blockly or Python. The course is designed to use the Python language. Or you may start with Blockly and switch to Python as you gain more familiarity with programming the robots.

The class has several modules you can work through, starting with an introduction to robotics. Modules include driving, using sensors, and using the manipulator (robot arm). Finally, there is a challenging final project that brings together everything you have learned in the previous modules. The final challenge optionally has a rubric for scoring the runs completed by your students by adding some competitiveness to the class if you would like to use that.


Final project delivery robot challenge (see final project module for more information)

We hope that you find this course fun and engaging for you and your students. This is a brand-new course with new robots and software, so there may be bugs and unexpected problems. We will strive to be responsive to any questions you might have. If you have any questions or find anything not working as you expect it to, feel free to contact us.

For additional information about the program, please see the XRP web page.