Course Overview

This course is designed to teach the knowledge and skills necessary for a basic understanding of programming for your XRP robot using either the Python or Blockly programming languages. The intent of this course is that it is interactive, and we expect you will work on every intermediate challenge. At the end there is a final project challenge requiring all the skills that are taught in the modules leading up to it. Each module builds on the previous by adding new robotics and programming concepts. New programming techniques are introduced to solve concrete robot problems, not as abstract unattached learning. This way students will see the relevance and need for each concept introduced.

The modules are outlined in the syllabus along with the learning objectives associated with each one. There are also short quizzes throughout the course to help students make sure they are learning the important concepts.

The course can be run with one robot per student or with teams of a few students working on each robot. Working in teams allows students to help each other as they work through the course. But one student must not be doing all the work, preventing the other team members from learning the material.